Nail Printer Machine With 1000+ Creative Designs and Ideas

We just got a whole lot smaller!

Maximise space and revenue with our latest exciting innovation, the countertop digital nail art printer.

  • New compact space-saving design
  • Portable 10″ High-Resolution Touchscreen
  • Compliant with EU and FDA cosmetic regulations
  • Prints acrylic or natural nails

High Definition Nail Art In Seconds

Nail Art Printer is very easy to use. Users navigate the interface where they can; choose from a selection of designs.

When the user is happy with their selection, these images either printed onto strips or artificial nails or they can have their own natural nails in seconds.

Nail Art Printer

Nail Art Printer

How does it work?

The new Countertop nail printer utilises HP’s advanced printing technologies and will revolutionise the nail art industry. You can print high quality, intricate and fun patterns in seconds.

Getting started is an easy and funfilled quest. You can either choose designs from a vast inbuilt library into fingernail printer software or create your own nail art theme via the new app on Android smartphone or iPhone. The free app includes the image library and allows users to create their own personal nail art theme design either by using their smartphone camera or by downloading images from the internet. They then save the selected images to their private app Gallery and transfer them in seconds directly to the nail art printer machine using a wireless connection.

Once downloaded, the countertop software will automatically adapt the designs to the nail surface and print directly onto the prepared nail. If they prefer, images can also be imprinted on artificial nails for later applications, all in a matter of seconds.

The new app enables customers to select or create their nail design before using the printer, minimising the time required by each customer and massively improving throughput for the retailer.

Seeing that many potential customers don’t like waiting for their turn to come, the whole process takes only a few minutes and can be carried out effortlessly by any team member.

The innovative nail printer is a ‘work of genius’ specifically designed to satisfy uprising demand from hairdressers, nail bars, beauty parlours, and other retailers. We all saw tremendous potential to increase revenue and footfall but wanted a fast, compact machine with a small footprint that could be operated by any team member.

The next big thing in the cosmetic industry is the countertop nail printing machine, which provides the opportunity to offer customers limitless nail art patterns, designs, and pictures to match styles, outfits, or hairstyles – the possibilities are endless.

The real benefit is that the Countertop Printer requires no specialised training meaning it would only take an unqualified operator or owner a short time to perfect.


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