About US

BEAUTY-4U – The Nail Art Revolution
Est’d. in 21st Century

BEAUTY-4U wants you to be your own boss in your life and in your career. This 21st century tech is all you need to Revolutionize Your Nail Art Regime. Why? Because life is too crisp to have naked nails.

From increasing self confidence to building your deal of the day, beautiful nails will often iron out many obstacles in your life. BEAUTY-4U Nail printer is a stunning gear crafted to bring a revolution in the fashion monopoly.
BEAUTY-4U brings you the nail art printer that works out of the box and prints each nail in a matter of seconds.
This technology offers you a:-
1-Compact lifestyle
Take your business on a vacation with you and grow your patrons.
2-Easy to set-up facet
All you need is a small space to pursue your dream in less time.
3-Fun to work with aura
Discover more as you explore the tech.
4-More than 1000 elegant designs to choose from
Experiment with cross section designs and find out what works best for you.
5-Creative arena to start your hustle
Give yourself a chance to stand-out from the crowd. Build your own brand and flourish it.

Our Approach
By entrusting your hands, BEAUTY-4U is a pioneering stroke in fashion & style segment and edges the market with the EU & FDA certified nail art gimmick. The fingernail printer is powered by advanced HP printing technology and produces quick, high-quality and attractive nail art designs.
All you have to do is engage with the interface and choose the design that goes best with your nails. It also offers you the flexibility to upload your own designs by using our android/ios app.

Innovated with the very best of partners

We are united with HP (a global leader in printing technology) and NEWVISION (leading queue management solution provider and multi-national kiosk), Beauty-4U brings you the world’s first regulatory-compliant Nail Art Design Tech. that combines the latest technology with the growing trend of nail fashion.
The HP powered printing technology allows users to imprint images onto strips of artificial nails or their own natural nails in seconds. The compact ergonomic design makes it the easiest way to beautify your nails and requires no particular setup or massive space on your desk.
The unique facet of the smart nail printing machine lies in its performance-driven technology and compact ergonomic design. The combination of the two has made nail printers a practical choice for hairdressers, nail bars, budding beauty artists and various other retailers to increase their revenue and footfall.
Let you nails speak louder that your words.