Nail art is witnessing a stream in its growth and happens to be one of the most straightforward business models to consider for your startup. The rising demand for decorative nail artwork is showing no sign of slowing down, and it will keep on expanding for reasons that:-

(a) It is inexpensive

(b) It will always be in demand.

The simplicity of Nail Art Business

Nail art, among all professional services, is the most preferred beauty therapy and we are firmly embracing the trend with this latest innovation from Irelands leading beauty manufacturers. The fact that women now have more options for nail decor now with this latest desktop model from Fingernails2Go, together with its partners, HP &NewVision, combines technology and fashion, using advanced printing technologies to revolutionise the nail art industry.

Other than being an affordable indulgence, the nail art business is a stupefying bonanza for both newbie’s and existing salons. Moreover, establishing a nail art business is also hassle-free and doesn’t require a substantial investment. Today, with the help Beauty 4 U, we can easily back our nail art business by fulfilling customer’s creative demand. The entire venture will be absolutely pocket-friendly and bring you an excellent ROI in no time

Fingernail Printer MachinesHow is the latest desktop machine useful for my business?

This countertop machine is the hottest trend in the cosmetic industry and is specially designed to meet customers’ imaginative requests. There is no denying that when it comes to nail beautification, we all need some to have available some key options. After all, artistic nails speak a lot about your personality. But the challenge here is that no customers want to wait longer for their turn to come. Secondly, nail art is an artistic work, and their very nature makes them extremely time consuming. There has never been any invention until now. This desktop makes nail printing an easy task and very user friendly. The work, which used to take hours before, will now be done in minutes.

This state-of-the-art technology with impressive detail and quality. No blurring the lines, no smudging, no polish mishaps. It provides you with and a touch screen for easy user experience. unlimited design possibilities. Its compact ergonomic design and performance-driven technology. State-of-the-art nail printing technology replicates any design uploaded to their database with perfection and in colours of your choice. Furthermore, the compact size of this desktop makes it a highly portable and practical option for salons and beauty professionals. It doesn’t require any special efforts to set up and is so easy to operate.

How to begin with a nail art printer?

Many salons have already embraced Fingernails2Go technology. This compact space saving design nail print is a fantastic investment not only for Salon owners but for business professionals too.

Fingernails2Go Nail Art Printer comes with 1000+ pre-loaded design with patterns but that’s not the end of the story. You can upload your own images and create your own theme. You can use the app to browse through the pre-installed design or select your images. The printer will automatically adapt the design to give quality output on your nails. It comes with a 10-inch-high resolution touch screen and is compliant with EU and FDA cosmetic regulations to give you complete peace of mind.

It is suitable to be used both on natural nails and on gel or acrylic reconstruction and semi-permanent.BEAUTY-4U is London’s distributor for fingernails2go. Fingernails2Go, together with our partners, HP &New Vision, combines technology and fashion, using advanced printing technologies to revolutionise the nail art industry. Printing intricate patterns in seconds, Fingernails2Go’s products deliver high-quality, fun, complex nail art for all.

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