Our world is colour

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Our world is colorful. If you have ever taken art classes you will know that when you look closely at any object there is no such thing as a pure single colour, apart from black.

Have a look now. Take the pen you are holding, or the phone that is in your hand, and have a close look. That is why when you read about the camera on your mobile, or the screen on the TV it will mention the number of colours in millions.

When it comes to fashion, and applying fashion to your nail art creations, with our new countertop you can have unlimited colours. The choice is yours and not limited by the range on the shelf. You can take photos of the leaf that is the green that you love, or the exact colour of red on your dress, and replicate it on your nails.

If you want to reflect the colours on your nails, it is simple. Download a colour to your phone, and use it to print onto your nails at a countertop. The HP Printer has been developed to print directly onto your nails, or a set of acrylic nails.

You can print designs, photographs and more, but you can also simply get the nail colour that you need for a special event, to match the rest of your outfit or the item that you want to highlight, such as your bag or scarf.

Once the summer is over, we are into a new colour palette.

Let us know about your favourite colour. Take a pic and message it on Instagram 4uukbeauty  and it will appear on our home page.

Alternatively, email us with any questions hello@beauty-4u.co.uk


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